Someone once said, “Build it and they will come.” Our philosophy is rather, “Build it right and they will come back.” We’ve created a successful business providing Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) consulting and design services to architects, general contractors and owners, and doing it right. Our work is based on that promise, so customers, building owners, and even final users can appreciate the Fratto difference. And that’s why our customers keep coming back.

Where We Work

Healthcare Projects
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Senior Living Projects
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Education Projects
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What makes us different?

As a consulting firm, our primary goal is to make our clients successful by providing the design solutions they need within the constraints of time and budget. We tailor our solutions based on specific space requirements, price per square foot allocations, and other considerations. All our engineers are LEED-certified and have a record of achieving rigorous energy- and cost-saving objectives. Our projects include facilities for healthcare, senior living, education, government and business. For 15+ years, with almost 1,500 projects completed, we’ve earned a reputation for doing things right, and for being honest and innovative partners.

Here’s what some of our customers have said:

“…listened to what we wanted to achieve.”
“…interested at looking at new ideas, not repeating an old design.”
“…communicate equally well with the Facilities Manager and the CEO.”
“…I know who to call from now on.”

The FRATTO Method

The most important stage of any project is the initial discovery stage. It’s here that we can understand what your needs are, introduce any considerations that may affect the way this project should be approached, and understand constraints of budget and deadlines. We always begin by asking a battery of questions. Is there adequate space for the mechanical and electrical equipment? Are you considering future expansion of the system? Who will be maintaining the system and what is their level of expertise?

It’s important for us to understand what your expectations are from the outset. Are you looking for high-end design or simply a nuts-and-bolts solution? Do you typically involve consultants in the early project stage, or do you first plan and then bring them in? Will the workflow be affected by the need for true three-dimensional drafting, or BIM by architects and structural engineers?

A building can only be as strong as its foundation. In the same way, a successful MEP solution is only as robust as the foundation created by detailed collaboration and mutual understanding between system designer and client. That is at the heart of our methodology.